Trying csv plugin to create time series charts

I have this csv file:

host timestamp value
server1 1643135400000 5
server1 1643135500000 6
server2 1643135400000 19
server2 1643135500000. 20

I am trying to use csv plugin to creat a simple time series chart. I have done:

  1. create a data source from csv (done)
  2. create a panel and I picked timestamp and value, I cannot see the time series chart.
  3. I then used transformation to convert the epoch time to regular time, I still dont see that chart. It is empty

I need to be able create a time series chart for each host. The chart needs to have different time series data for each host.

How do I do this using grafana csv plugin.

I highly recommend taking a look at the CSV Plugin documentation here: Introduction | CSV for Grafana (

it does not talk about creating group by. I have created the variable, how would I apply to the chart?