Epoch timestamp as field in Google Sheet --> 'Unable to graph data' as time series chart

Hi - new to Grafana, so apologies if I missed something in the documentation.

I’m trying to put together a super simple dashboard based on a (regularly updated) Google Sheet. I’m using the Google Sheets plugin to connect to my sheet as a data source, and that’s working smoothly. Grafana can show the data as a table in a panel.

My sheet has data structured like this:
|Timestamp|Humidity (%rH)|

Challenge is, the panel always reports ‘Unable to graph data’ whenever I try to display it as a time series chart.

I’ve set up a transform - a binary operation that multiplies the timestamp by 1000, then adds it as a new column, which is formatted as a datetime. This works, it translates the timestamp perfectly to the time it represents. So Grafana can clearly read the timestamps, but isn’t using it to set up a time series chart.

Any suggestions would be helpful, or anything I can post screenshots of or configurations for. Thanks for any tips.

Another Grafana noob here with the same hurdle. I have a Google Sheet with time/temp data and have a Grafana panel configured that displays the numbers (time & temp) but is “Unable to graph data” and I can’t figure out how to get Grafana to interpret the time data for what it is.

cdot, did you find a solution?

Can anybody help?

Unfortunately no, I didn’t find out a way to do this. Ended up switching to Google Data Studio instead.