Disable Plugin Updates

I have the OnCall plugin installed and would like to disable the automatic updating that it does and then flags me to update the engine. I have set check_for_plugin_updates in the docker compose file to false but this seems to have had no bearing.
I’ve tried a few other bits but had no joy.
Is there a definitive setting where I can enable and disable plugin updates?
Thanks in advance!

How did you install plugin?

Just from the Administration → Plugins area

I would use GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS env variable, where you can specify which plugin AND also which plugin version will be installled.

Ah okay so I have that set now as
GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS: grafana-oncall-app
If I change it to
GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS: grafana-oncall-app 1.3.36
that should keep it on version 1.3.36? Will this also show newer versions in the plugin config page?
Just asking as I do want to update just when I choose to

Yes and yes. But I would update plugins via env variable all the time.

Thank you. Yeah I plan on updating regularly, just wanted some control over it.

When you say via env variable, thats putting the above line into the .env file instead isnt it? Sorry just want to be 100% sure :slight_smile: