Diagram plugin : Color of diagrams are not changing

I am new to grafana and am trying to setup server diagrams using diagram plugin.
I created a sample Elasticsearch datasource and tried to create a diagram. i observed that the colour of diagram is not changes as per my configuration in threshold section.

I initially installed the plugin and then replaced it with a clone from https://github.com/briangann/grafana-diagram to see if it resolves, but it didnt.

can you share the mermaidjs/diagram content?


You’ll need to make the mermaidjs look like this:

graph LR
Max Status[Square Rect]

You may need to alias the metric to not have a space, I haven’t tried it with a space.

graph LR
max_status[Square Rect]

the format for mapping shapes and metrics is:
metric_name[text content]
alias[text content]

Links have special characters #&!@ to format/identify them.


Thanks a lot, it worked…