How to show topology diagram with mermaid URL?

i dont have to show diagram or topology create in url


The released plugin is currently bugged - you can try to clone my fork
which should fix the problem.

Hopefully the PR will get merged and it will start working out of the box again :slight_smile:



dear bkgann

i try clone,but same i dont have show topology in plugin from URL. u have tutor?

Let me try another test and see what happens. The current code in my fork works, but I may have had to disable browser CORS for it to work.

How mr.bkgan my problem

why my problem sir,
I really need

Hello All,

I need help on Grafana Diagram Panel
I was able to create Diagrams using Mermaid Syntax in the Content area provided.

Now, i want to pass Mermaid Content from any URL or any other way like keeping Mermaid file on a Server & then calling it, as we want to change the Diagrams dynamically.

Any help on this topic will be really appreciated.

Have you resolved this issue?
I have the same problem.

Hi do anyone have resolution for above issue…??

Hi Anshul… Have you got any solution for this?

Sorry. Still i am unable to find any solution for same. Our team had stopped working on it.