Change the diagram color based on

Hi All,

I am working with diagram plugin and have a pretty much similar setup below.

I cannot find how to link the metric value to each node. (cannot find in the documentation)
I am using an influxdb as the data source. and using the latest packages of Grafana, InfluxDB, and diagram plugin

Here is the sample query data populated in influxdb -
insert application_status,application=application1 value=1 <== value=0 is is OK (color - Green) and value=1 should be DOWN (Color - Red)
Need to change the color in Application 1 accordingly.

You’ll need to use the aliasby name to make this work.

Update the diagram content to use

B((Project 1)) -- D((applicationstatus))

Whatever the legend is showing as the series names what it will map to the diagram.

If there are additional tags you can append them to the “alias by” section like this: applicationstatus_$tag_mytagname

if they are aliased like that, then the diagram content would look like

B((Project 1)) -- D((applicationstatus_mytagvalue1))
C((Project 1)) -- E((applicationstatus_mytagvalue2))

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the responds.
It dosnt work. You can see the value as 1 and as per the threshold it should show RED.

try cloning from my fork, it has fixes that haven’t been merged yet, likely what you are encountering.

my mistake on the diagram content. Change the alias to “D”, or modify the content to be

B((Project 1)) -- applicationstatus(("app description"))

The metric name needs to be outside of the shape, so usage is metric_name((“text of shape”))

and with tags:

B((Project 1)) -- applicationstatus_mytagvalue1(("Circle Content"))