Diagram Plugin Help

I am working with the Diagram Plugin and have it setup pretty much exactly like the examples although I cannot get the metrics to display under the panel.

Is the Diagram Plugin still supported? Is there anything else like it?

There’s a bug that hasn’t been merged into the released plugin.

You can clone my fork at https://github.com/briangann/grafana-diagram which has multiple fixes for this plugin until they get merged and a newer version is released.

You can tell me to RTFM, but how does one go from the stuff in the dist folder to installing it as a plugin?

typically you would just do this (ubuntu/debian, but similar for other distros)

remove the current plugin (rm -rf /var/lib/grafana/plugins/jdbranham-diagram-panel)
then clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/briangann/grafana-diagram /var/lib/grafana/plugins/jdbranham-diagram-panel

the restart grafana-server to pick up the changes: service grafana-server restart

That was easy, I wasn’t sure where plugin’s were stored or what format. I removed, cloned and restarted but my diagram still lacks metrics. I am not doing anything special that I can tell.

I wasn’t being very clear in my issue. The value for metric “Line1” in my example is not displayed. I’ve tried various things, but none of them result in values being displayed like in the examples.

can you post the content of the diagram tab here?

Sure, it’s pretty simple.

graph LR
A[Box1] – Line1 --> B((Circle1))

if you want to display the value of “Line1” in the link, you can do this:

graph LR
A[Box1] – “#Line1” – B(Circle)

You can use “#Line1” “!Line1” and “&Line1” also for different formatting options.

See this: https://github.com/jdbranham/grafana-diagram#link-metrics

I’ll add examples to the documentation, it definitely isn’t clear on how to use this feature.

I see, I was hoping it was something pretty simple. Using “#Line1” will replace the metric name with the value, what’s the syntax for having both the name and value like in the example. I tried using the other fomatting options but could not make it work. Do I need to use composite metrics?

good point, the ! and & modifiers are for composites only - I’ll see if we can make them work universally.