Can't create Graph Panel

Hi everyone, I can’t find the right topic, so please help. Adding the “Graph” panel, the following message appears:
"Annotation Query Failed
pq: relation “metric_table” does not exist "

I installed Grafana from the package “grafana-6.7.1-1.x86_64.rpm”. Should I install or configure something more?

Thanks in advance

Hi, any suggestions?

Nobody knows? Pls help

  1. You report a problem with the “Graph” panel. Do any other panels work

  2. You ask “Should I install or configure something more?” Tell us what
    commands you used to install the RPM you referred to, and what you did after
    that to get Grafana working.

  3. What are you using for your back-end data store?

  4. Which Operating System and version have you installed this on?

  5. Imagine you’re in our position - tell us enough to know what you have done
    (maybe so that we could reproduce it ourselves), and we might understand
    enough to point you in a helpful direction.