Annotations - Repeating Panels - Not Working

I am working on plotting graphs using Grafana for some data stored in our PostgreSQL database. I have a requirement where I need to mark a vertical line on the graph at certain time and I am using the concept of “Annotation” present in dashboard settings. I have added a query in the annotation to get the time dynamically from the database table to be used for marking the line on the graph

I have configured the panels to repeat vertically based on a value present in a variable(multiple values separated by comma). Each panel will be having different times need to be marked but the annotation is throwing error as Annotation queryrunner failed query error 400 bad request . This error is getting occurred when I am trying to display multiple panels whereas annotation is working fine when there is a Single Panel

Can you please suggest any idea on how to make use of annotations for repeating panels to mark different times on the different graph panels (Or) any other alternative solution for marking a vertical line dynamically based on the query result?

Thanks and Regards

Did you find any solution? @aksrinivas84