Datasource with a self signed cert

I have a graphite datasource that is running on the same server as grafana. Graphite and grafana are using https. I had to use a self signed cert. Graphite works you just get the cert error/warning about an untrusted site. I could not get grafana to connect to graphite using https. I get a 502 bad gateway error. I’m sure its the cert warning causing the problem. If I switch graphite back to http the datasource works in grafana. Is there a way to define a datasource in grafana that uses a self signed cert?

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You can sacrifice TLS security (not very secure option) - check Skip TLS Verify.

IMHO better option will be to generate TLS certs for Graphite with own CA - then you can configure used CA cert in Grafana: With CA Cert, so won’t need to skip TLS verify. See your datasource configuration:


That did the trick. I agree with your better option but this is a poc. When I make this live I will be taking your advice.

Thanks for the quick response.