Unable to add Graphite Data source


I’m unable to add a data source with graphite, even tho when I curl the URL from the server I can see it and when browsing I can see it.
All I get is just the Red icon of error, no error message or something like that.

OS: Ubuntu
Grafana version: v5.4.3
Graphite: 0.9.15

Any suggestions or ideas what can be checked ? Or how can I get some proper error message?

Can you open chrome dev tools and check for error in the console?

What access method did you use? Direct or Server?


well, the weird thing was that when we disabled HTTPS connection, it started to work without any issues, we where using the Server option yes.

I’m not sure now if it was because of HAProxy in front of the HTTPS or not, but right now we disabled the HTTPS option in HAProxy and got it all working.

Any ideas why this happens ? Or is there some HAProxy conf that can fix this?