Graphite HTTP Error & Dashboard Templating init failed

I’m really green to grafana and it’s setup. However I have grafana running on Ubuntu 18.10 and appeared to be running fine. I can login etc… but when adding a Graphite data source I get the following:

In the Console:

It’s just a bunch of 404’s like it just doesnt exist, whatever it’s trying to call. I’ve installed via repo and the dpkg route both with similar outcomes. Similar thing when I tried it for a quick test on Windows.

Any ideas? Sorry if this has been addressed before.

Because I’m limited to 2 pictures…Here is the dashboard error info:

It looks like you don’t have the correct URL setting, typically Graphite will be listening on port 8000 or 8080. Port 3000 is your Grafana instance, so you’re getting weird errors because it’s trying to proxy to itself.