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What datasource is compatible with the ‘node graph’ visualisation? We were hoping to write data from our app and visualise it using a ‘node graph’ however, I’m quite unsure of what datasource we can use to do this? (I can see xray as one, but we are attempting to use this visualisation differently to how that would generate/store data)


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Indeed the XRay is currently the only compatible datasource listed, but as you can also read, you must conform with data structure, check the Data API section, If you have other requirements i suggest you take a look at building datasource plugin :

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It would be quite nice if his could just connect to a db/table that had conformed to the node/edge parameters as specified in the data API. I bet there would be huge interest in this just beyond the obvious tracing scenario provided in x-ray.

Writing a data source plug in is a huge blocker. If these were combined into a single table, there would moss likely be a lot of sparse data, but the cohort for this sort of thing would be more of an analyst than an engineer.

It would be amazing if this panel could support more than just the X-Ray data source.

I can imagine visualising network traffic and issue in a network map would be amazing in Grafana.


Take a look at the below topic.
The provided datasource plugin may be your solution:

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FWIW, support for Tempo is now in beta - it works fine in Explore mode, I just need to work out how to get it running properly in a dashboard!

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