Nodegraph Panel with Prometheus as Datasource


Does the NodeGraph panel support other data sources? The documentation says it only supports X-Ray Visualization right now.

Is support for other datasources expected? I need data source from Prometheus to be displayed on the nodegraph

Hi @amitkatti1

Node graph panel is still in beta and yes, X-ray is the only datasource rn, but I believe there is strong interest and ongoing work to expand support. What those timelines look like, I couldn’t say, but I could ask around the org and see if there is a release calendar or something

That would be great @mattabrams

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That would be super helpful, thanks!

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Any updates? Can prometheus be used as a datasource?

Hi all,

I’ve reached out to several squads to see what info I can dig up re: roadmap. More this week :+1:

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Any progress - were we able to get a direction on what next steps were going to be?

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+1 to this, we would really like to see prometheus hooks for this

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Node graph does now work for Tempo, I’ve got it running in Explore, unfortunately I can’t get it showing up on the dashboard for some reason:


Dashboard Panel: