Nodegraph API Datasource plugin

Dear community,
As you know, there is no published datasource plugin for Nodegraph panel of Grafana except for Xray which is commercial and only related to AWS. Accordingly, I’ve published a simple datasource plugin for this panel which connects to your designed API and visualizes the graph. You can find more details here: GitHub - exaco/nodegraph-api-plugin: A data source plugin for nodegraph panel in grafana
I’ll appreciate it if you check it out and give me feedback or even contribute to it.


This is kinda cool but also very limited since the only config options used is the arc colour, and the colours are hard-coded to green and red. What if I need more than 2 arcs? What if I want to provide a human-readable label for the various stats?
As the plugin stands I believe all database datasource plugin could do the same thing…

It sounds like you’re referring to the node graph itself, which is a built-in visualization. @hamedkarbasi93 would have to confirm, but I believe the purpose of this plugin is to integrate the node graph with your own REST API. In a way, it’s an adapter for those who prefer to build a web service rather than a data source plugin.

@glep207 Thanks for your feedback. As @marcusolsson said, it’s only as a layer between your REST API and the node graph. But you’re right about the limitation. The ability to add various stats, different colors and detail labels will be added in the next version, which will be released too soon.

v0.3.0 is released now. The limitation discussed above is resolved, and the user can customize his desirable parameters via API.

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