Node graph plugin with google cloud monitoring datasource


Has anyone ever tried using node graph plugin with Google cloud monitoring as a datasource?
if so would you be able to advice on how can it be implemented?
I am using Transformations to populate this data and expected format is every column be treated as one service a.k.a node and different ids in first column be treated as different transactions - edge count and decimal values in different columns is time taken for each transaction.

I am able to view data in Table view, but not sure how to hook this up with Node Graph to display in Node & Edge perspective

The nodes and edges data need to have specific shapes see this

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@yosiasz ,

Thanks for your response!
Just to clarify - the statement says:
“A node graph requires a specific shape of the data to be able to display its nodes and edges. This means not every data source or query can be visualized with this graph”

There’s not much information around which data source can be used or what should be format of data - is this something you can share some insight on?

The source should not matter as long as the shape is correct.

In same docu see this section

Please post this image as usable data as csv for example


Format which we have is this - after applying Transformation - our intention is to get node graph out of this where every Service will be detected as a particular node and traceIDs along with the response time will be detected as respective edges, is this something doable?

TraceID Service1 Service2 Service3 Service4
787e55f7a43f7517 69.66 1073.01 482.61 1628.52
934f700731713623 63.92 124.46 372.99 565.42
94b6d29f31e7e949 34 539.21 289.47 866.54
bd976fd76823350b 33.47 112.82 281.76 431.87
999dc9ac555101be 35.49 95.98 399.27 544.07
8d0cd194f56f2431 33.34 92.92 560.71 690.09
8aac20a876100307 472.77 88.2 815.64 1380.1
90621f4799547a46 44.33 202.27 376.51 626.73
9aa65ac92e8100b1 128.82 5526.35 12661.22
9b397b961f7e5914 4120.7 18130.93
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So what in this sample data is related to what?

Think of nodes as parent and edges as children

With that analogy please relate it to your data you posted

Also what is your data source before transform?

Data source is Google Cloud Monitoring - through MQL Query

Hi @yosiasz
apologies just to get more clarity from your example.
uid will become edges
col2, col3 and col4 will be nodes
value of col2,3 & 4 will be stats of nodes
Is that correct?