Dashboard - slow performance when loading panels

In the picture, you can see that a couple of panels are still in “loading” mode. all panels are just duplicates of the first row of panels, and all of them load data from PostGreSQL database… the queries are simple selects ( no aggregation whatsoever).
select time, reliability from mytable where date = “xxx”

  • number of rows returned from query are no more than 7 records.

2-3 panels in the dashboard take 5-10 secs to load, whereas the rest load immediately. it’s not the same panels every time.

  • i checked the PostGreSQL db, and there were 12 connections, and CPU was 20 % when the dashboard was loaded.

question 1- does Grafana have a limit on number of concurrent connections to load panels?

question 2 - I read that with 6.2 version, panels that are not in view are not loaded immediately ( or datasource is not queried.) in my case, I saw that the panels outside the view frame are loaded. but the ones in the view still keep loading?

question 3: Is there a way to debug what’s causing the slow down?

How long is your table ?? do you hace indexes on it?

Thanks a lot for your advice :+1:

The table is minimal… only 10 records… I was just verifying performance… I am investigating on my own… will update when I have more info. I dont think it’s anything to do with Grafana, but will confirm after my investigation.