Grafana v7.0.0 is extremely slow upon having many panels

Hello, i am having a problem where Grafana v7.0.0 becomes very slow after having added multiple panels to the dashboard. Please keep in mind that the problem is not my computer, as other tabs and applications other than Grafana is running Perfectly Fine and smooth.
In addition, Grafana also sometimes failed to load in the web page with the error code of Out of Memory. I am wondering what might be causing the problem ?
![2020-05-20 11_36_20-Movies & TV|690x325 (upload://uxhLAlU4b0hRdjY2ASCODCLi5hv.png)

Here is a screenshot of the dashboard, i am having a repeated singlestat panel and a table with the new grafana radient bars on the table. I am loading the data source from postgresql and was monitoring my own cpu (infrastructure data). Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou!

I reuploaded the screenshot. somehow the screenshot before did not upload correctly.

Oh, and also do not worry about the data showing red and dangerous state, it is just a dummy data. I did what i exactly did there in the dashboard on grafana 6.1.6 and grafana 6.7.2 and it works fine without any lag whatsoever.