Grafana is slow

I am using grafana some times it was very slow when I save the dashboard it was taking much time and sometimes even it is not responding. When I click the dashboards it was taking huge time to show me the existing dashboards, can you tell me why it was slow?

Thanking You,

Maybe your time series queries are returning too much data? What dataource do you have and what queries, what do they return?

Is loading an empty dashboard slow? We have no other reports on Grafana itself being slow. But slow tsdb queries or returning too much data your queries can make it slow (by too much I mean more datapoints than pixels on the graphs)

I am using Influx-db database, all my queries return numbers and all my queries will refresh for every 1 sec.
When I select the home button of the dashboard it will show me all dashboards list right that list is not loading for long time.

How can you refresh once per second in Grafana, the minimum refresh interval is 5 seconds?

Also, if you have a dashboard with a lot of panels (more than 20 for example) with lots of queries and are constantly refreshing the dashboard then yes, you might see some performance problems. Is your InfluxDB managing the load? It is possible to DDOS your database with lots of heavy queries in Grafana.

refreshing time is a variable in configuration, and YES GRAFANA IS very slow when upgrading variables and query updates, and my pc hast 16GB of RAM…