Is there anything we can do to improve performance? Grafana dashboards are taking a very long time to populate

Grafana Dashboards are taking too long to load. So Please let me know if we can do anything to iimprove performance.

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I’m sure there are things you can do to improve performance, but with no
details whatever about how things are working at the moment it’s almost
impossible to guess which to focus on.

So, give us at least some idea of:

a) what do you mean by “too long”? How long is it taking to load a

b) how many panels, and of what types, do you have in that dashboard?

c) what time period does the data in those panels cover?

d) what’s the sampling interval for that data - in other words, how many data
points are we talking about as a combination between questions (c) and (d)?

e) what is your back-end data source?

f) what sort of machine are you running Grafana on (Operating System, CPU
cores / speed, RAM capacity)?

g) what sort of machine is your data source running on?

h) what network bandwidth do you have between Grafana and the data source?

i) what network bandwidth do you have between Grafana and the client trying to
view the dashboard?

j) if you run the same queries as Grafana is using to acquire the data, but
using a command-line query client (I can’t be more specific without knowing
what your back-end data source is) separate from Grafana, are those queries
also “slow”?

k) did you used to have acceptable performance, but now it is worse? If so,
what changed between then and now - more data, more panels in the dashboard,
different panel queries, different time range shown on the dashboard…?

Finally, put yourself in our position faced with a question like this, and
consider what information about your setup might be useful to us in order to
help you, without us simply guessing, or offering suggestions like “run it on a
faster machine”.


We are using Timescale dB top of it postgresql.
For last 2 days of time interval I’m trying to fetch the data.

  1. Run the raw queries on the DB server - are they slow, if yes then debug the database
  2. Run the same exact queries from command line using appropriate DB client on the Grafana server, are they significantly slower than 1, if yes then debug the network
  3. If possible run 2 again but from desktop/laptop etc
  4. Now debug Grafana
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