Custom Markers (Pie Chart) in Geomap

Hi everyone,

I am using Grafana v11 with a PostgreSQL datasource. I would like to create a geomap with customized markers, specifically, I want to use pie charts as markers that are dependent on my data.

Here’s an example of what I’d like to achieve: ol-ext: style chart

Is it possible to implement this in Grafana? If so, could anyone provide guidance or examples on how to do it?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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welcome @paul06

check this out

available as a grafana plugin called Business Charts

thanks you @yosiasz
I’ve got additionnal questions.

First, can you confirm that we cannot do it directlty with geomap ?

Secondly, Business Charts are kind of hard to understand as i’ve already tried to look at it before, so i can not really transfer the javascript script to the “function” script that is required directly in grafana. So i don’t really know how to reproduce it with this example and of course, even less with my data . Can anyone provide guidance on how to translate JavaScript examples into Grafana functions

Do you know additionnal ressource that may detail or explained how to build Business Charts ?

Thank in advance

  1. I cannot confirm that, I know there are some new features with geomap such as polygon and styling but not sure about super imposing a pie chart on top of geomap

  2. Business Charts Panel | Volkov Labs

please post sample data and maybe we can work something out

Here is an example of my datas,

What i want to do is to print a Pie_Chart calculating from nb_HS,nb_OK and nb_NOTOK on top of each location !

this should get you started with the map using lon,lat

spin a map up using your data and ping back then we can see if we can plot those pie charts

Mapgl plugin specializes on donut-chart cluster markers

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i think i manage to do it with this base and the other link you previously send me , thank you

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