Cant visualize my data with the geomap plugin

Hi everyone,

i have a question regarding the geomap panel.

with my Longitude and Latitude as a _field. After importing my data to grafana it wont visualize my points with the geomap plugin. My values for longitude and latitude have the format of xx.xxxxxx.

I attached 3 pictures (2 from my grafana interface and 1 cutout from my csv file which the data is from)

Looking forward to any help :slight_smile:

Greetings and have a great week


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @ludwigsiebzehnruebl

I’m still very new to Geomap myself, but I would check out this example on play:

the one thing that I notice: that example is visualizing a single table. But your flux query is returning multiple tables: I can see the select box at the bottom of the table:

Have you tried experimenting with some of the built-in transformations like merge?

maybe getting all your data into one table is important to the Geomap’s data model? Just a thought…

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Hey there Matt,

thx for the reply i will give it a try and give u an update if i could solve it with your annotation.

Update: It worked. I just had to merge my provided data afterwards the geomap plugin was working. A big thank you again Matt :slight_smile: