Creating Toggle button Plugin

I would like to use Grafana as a control panel, for which I need toggle button for controlling my devices. But I don’t have idea of creating one such plugin. I have seen the guide for developing plugins on Grafana, but I don’t understand which files need to be edited for creating toggle button. Could you please provide a guide on using grafana as a control panel.

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Check out the grafana-toolkit to get started writing a panel plugin. Once you get something up and running, you can find some inspiration in some of the existing panel plugins:

Thank you for your reply.
I’m having mysql table that stores the values of sensor (either 0 or 1). I have created toggle switch and trying to change its state based on stored values in the table, but could not achieve it. I could not understand how to make switch to interact and change its state depending on table values. I tried using events ‘onDataReceived’, but could not get the result. Could you guide how to achieve this.

NOTE: I’m using Clock Panel as a start.

Thanks, in advance.

Dear Muthineni,

others including ourselves might be aiming at similar goals, see also:

However, we haven’t been able to get our hands dirty on it so far.

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