Can Grafana act as control panel?


Currently I am working on an IoT project and I am willing to know a basic question.
At present as I have read Grafana docs and information I am having, we can visualize the sensor data on dashboard, but is there any way I can also control the status of device connected to other side?
For example, if I have a client and server system. On client side actuator is connected (like motor). On server side I want to control the motor remotely. To do so I want create a dashboard with the help of which I can switch On/Off the motor.
Can I use Grafana as front-end on server? Is Grafana currently providing user interactive front-end interface?


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yes, if you develop a custom panel plugin:

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Thank you for the information.
I looked into the link of developing custom panel plugin, but couldn’t able to find out any way to create button on the dashboard. Could you exclusively provide me any example of plugin similar to the one of my requirement.
I need to have few buttons on my dashboard to control (like On, Off, Pause, Change rotation speed etc…) the actuators.

checkout the pie chart plugin (on github), or the clock panel that is described in the article I linked to. Use that as a base and add any buttons to the partials you like (you need to know some angularjs)

Thank you Torkel.
I am actually new to this and learning these things.

Hi, could you explain how one might go about adding buttons/input fields to a plugin (custom or extension of existing) that send an HTTP request to a server? I’m very interested in the possibility of implementing a control panel.