How do i add button, switches to Grafana Dashboard

Hi everyone, i have install the Influx_Admin to control data from influxDB. But i have no idea how to make the Queries running (as in picture it says no queries running). I have data working in Graph and PieChart. But i still wondering if I can add button using Influx_Admin? I can not find any tutorial relating to this problem.
I also looked at plugin development to actually create new plugin, but not really sure yet.
Anyone have experience on Grafana please give me some instruction as i am really new to Grafana.

(I’m trying to add some buttons and switches to my weather control station for the actual wine storage to turn ON/OFF the actuator . At the moment i have sensors reading data and monitor into Grafana, but i really need to implement the control part)
Appreciate for any help.

Can anyone help please?