Creating a New Dashboard Anonymously on

I have successfully created an anonymous dashboard within the sandbox folder on and am interested in creating another one. Is it possible to do so without registering an account? Furthermore, if I were to resume my session a few days later, would I be able to edit and save changes to my dashboard, or would I encounter an ‘Access Denied’ error when attempting to save?

Correct, you can create many dashboards as much as you want, but you can’t save them = they are gone, when you close your browser.

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Thank you for your response! I’ve been exploring the site but can’t seem to locate the ‘New Dashboard’ button. I recall it being visible when I was in the sandbox folder view under: Could you please provide some guidance on where exactly to find it?

Sorry, I mean “edit” dashboards. You can “edit” (change anything) dashboards, but you can’t save it. That “edit” (it is not real edit, because you can’t save) is allowed only, because you explore (and learn) how query can be made in edit view.

Play is for demonstration - you can quickly demonstrate what Grafana can do (so you don’t need to know how to install/configure, just open play and make impression). It is not “public” instance, where anyone can create/save anything there, so don’t expect that you can have real edit permissions there.

BTW: why you are asking for play, when you can own free tier Grafana?

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Once again, I appreciate your response. I’m relatively new to Grafana and have been utilizing play to delve into data from a Google Sheet. I noticed that the connection to the Google Sheet was pre-configured on play, but I encountered some challenges while trying to establish this connection on my own Grafana instance. I will investigate further on how to integrate Google Sheets with my Grafana setup

Hiya folks. I’m with Grafana - found this thread, and need to provide an update for people arriving later. We’ve chosen to disable the ability to create anonymous dashboards on Grafana Play. This was out of security concerns, and namely the possibility that people can use dashboards and third party links to potentially abuse other sites.

Grafana Play is still first and foremost a community resource. So we haven’t disabled the ability for our community members to create and edit dashboards; what we did was disable the ability for anonymous, unauthenticated users to do it.

@Schiller if you want to edit something on play, create an account with any social provider there, then contact us here or on the community slack and we’ll give you edit to your dashboard. If you’re someone else reading this thread later - kinda the same deal. We want folks to be able to experiment, but we also want to know who owns a dashboard and that they’re not being used for abuse.