Create Public Grafana Dashboards without login

Hi Guys,

There are a bunch of threads out there asking how to make a dashboard public, with the same responses rolled out that it exposes your DB, but then there are also a bunch of examples provided by Grafana on some great public dashboards from the likes of GitLab, Wikimedia, and CERN… link here.

I have tried turning off auth and using anonomyous users, but it doesnt seem to work the same as those linked. Is there a simple tutorial I haven’t found yet for making it both simple for me to link to a live dashboard (not a snapshot, and not a finite time series)? I don’t have sensitive data on my database, and it sits on the cloud, so I’m not exposing my other networked devices. I just want the ability for people with the link to be able to see the dashboard without having to register, but then the ability to log in (if I so choose) and create more dashboards for private and public use (i.e. set some to public, some to private).