Create Public Grafana Dashboards without login

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There are a bunch of threads out there asking how to make a dashboard public, with the same responses rolled out that it exposes your DB, but then there are also a bunch of examples provided by Grafana on some great public dashboards from the likes of GitLab, Wikimedia, and CERN… link here.

I have tried turning off auth and using anonomyous users, but it doesnt seem to work the same as those linked. Is there a simple tutorial I haven’t found yet for making it both simple for me to link to a live dashboard (not a snapshot, and not a finite time series)? I don’t have sensitive data on my database, and it sits on the cloud, so I’m not exposing my other networked devices. I just want the ability for people with the link to be able to see the dashboard without having to register, but then the ability to log in (if I so choose) and create more dashboards for private and public use (i.e. set some to public, some to private).


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I would also like to know this. Specifically we’d like to set up a “playground” to showcase a specific dashboard and allow people to see the queries and potentially modify these (without affecting the “original” dashboard).

Specifically we’re looking to create our own version of the Grafana playground examples - But we’ve found no guide on how to set this up?

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Anyone? Surely we cant be the only ones that need this? It’s out there, there are publicly accessible dashboards out there…

I asked the support team on this. It seems like it’s possible in the self-hosted version, but not the free cloud version. They wrote the below:

Grafana has an anonymous authentication option, and there is also a “viewer can edit” option to allow viewers to modify panels, but not to save the modifications:

I think it would be beneficial to have the opportunity to change this somehow in the free cloud starter version, though.

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Absolutely! The private hosted version is to my eyes more or less identical, so it shouldnt be a stretch to add to the cloud version an option to publish some dashboards as public…

It’s almost as if they dont want us to upgrade the cloud model and force us to self host.

I’m prepared to pay for the grafana cloud if i can get this working reliably. Can a dev please help me with this?

This is exactly what I am trying to do. I have no idea what the traffic would look like. Anyone know if paid Grafana cloud will support this?

Hi folks! I can confirm that neither the Grafana Cloud Free plan nor the paid Grafana Cloud Pro subscription offers anonymous viewer access (public dashboards). This is not currently supported since Grafana Cloud is a hosted environment and there are security concerns with allowing unauthenticated access to dashboards.

As the Support team mentioned, self-hosting Grafana OSS gives you full control of these settings so you can choose to allow unauthenticated access if it is absolutely needed, just be cautious with the considerations outlined in the security doc linked above.