Public live dashboard - possibilities

What are the preferred methods to share a live dashboard publicly (without guests having to login)?
I want to show future customers how a dashboard could look like.
The three methods that come to my mind are:

  1. Having a Grafana instance without login
    Downside: Queries are public as well
  2. Using image renderer
    Downside: No mouseover
  3. Export to
    Would be OK for me; best would be to have some kind of automation. A share every other hour (with maintaining the URL) would be OK. Is this possible in any way?
  4. Any other suggestions?
    Thank you.

Grafana has a ‘Share Snapshot’ feature. (raintank is optional)
It will run on your grafana instance, but won’t fire the queries each time it is viewed.

From the docs:

A snapshot is an instant way to share an interactive dashboard publicly. When created, we strip sensitive data like queries (metric, template and annotation) and panel links, leaving only the visible metric data and series names embedded into your dashboard.

Keep in mind, your snapshot can be viewed by anyone that has the link and can reach the URL. Share wisely.

To automaticly republish you can use a script that talks with the grafana API.
Which fetches the dashboard json (
And creates a new snapshot (
If you publish the snapshot with the same ‘key’ each time, the link will be preserved.

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