Create a panel which will compare weekly traffic change

I have to create a new panel which will show the weekly change in traffic. Our grafana dashboard is integrated with Prometheus.
Already created a panel which show the daily request count
Query : “sum(envoy_cluster_upstream_rq:codes:rps:sum{cluster=~”$cluster", namespace=~"$namespace",service=“jobtracker”})*60"

Now i have to create another panel where i can check for the weeky traffic increase for my service…is there any compare to method

Thanks for letting us know.

  1. Do you have a question?

  2. If you do, please give us some idea of where you are starting from, such

  • what version of Grafana are you using?
  • which back-end data store are you using?
  • what is the structure of your data in that data store?
  • which platform and version are you running Grafana on?
  • what panels have you already set up in Grafana?
  • what problem are you running into with any particular query?

The more information you give us to understand what the problem is, the more
likely it is that someone here can help you with it.



Please check now…i have added the information