Seeing different values in grafana using Prometheus


I am using the same query in 2 different Panels, one is the stat panel and the other is Pie chart panel.

Query: round(sum(increase(http_client_requests_seconds_count{url=~"({url:pipe}).*",name=~"{name:pipe}",status=~“2…|4…”}[$__range])))

The Count Panel and the Count URL Panel, Values does not match, the query used is same.
Also, The Error Count Panel summation should be in the Count.
The Summation of Error Count Panel is “471”.

Hello @ashukp29, please make sure that the queries use the same Query options - specifically Max data points. You can learn more here, but basically if you leave this empty, it will default to the width of the panel in pixels, so it could lead to different values.

You can also compare the queries using query inspector.