Interval in query options and the resulting number changing from resolution to resolution

Hi all,

I’m quite a beginner of Grafana and Prometheus, I’m facing a strange situation about a stat widget showing a number, the prometheus query is simply this:

I tried to compose a screenshot where you can see steps I do to reproduce what I think is a problem, but I understand that the interval query option work in that way, it considers the resolution of the panel and the time-range, so in this way the interval changes varying the panel size.

Well, but that number, when my users see in dashboard, where it is very small, doesn’t show right number because of its big interval of 15m which cut off some points.

How can I set a static interval or how should I change, if possible, Grafana settings to accomplish my tasks in your opinion?

Thanks in advance, best regards

Hi @rgambelli,

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This question sounds more related to Prometheus DataSource as how it behaves differently with Time intervals.

I am moving this to the Prometheus category so that it gets more visibility and the community folks try to help on this one.