Set step/data resolution for Prometheus based on interval variable

I have made an exact copy of our dashboard we use for VM statistics, the metrics for both InfluxDB and Prometheus are collected every 10 seconds by telegraf. So the data in both Prometheus and InfluxDB is almost exactly the same.

Now the question is how we can reduce the data points on the graphs when zooming out.
For Influx we are able to use a custom interval variable to make the data more readable when zooming out.
But I can’t seem to find any supported way to do the same for Prometheus, the step under “Query options” is a locked field that is calculated by Grafana itself and can’t be changed.
Is there a way to use a customizable/selectable interval for Prometheus?

Below an example of 2 graphs, 48 hours of data.
Prometheus, automatic step of 1m:

InfluxDB, custom interval set via variable of 15m: