Copying Grafana from corrupted SD (Raspberry 3B)

Hi All,

unfortunately the SD where latest Raspbian+Grafana+InfluxDB got corrupted.
I can still read it but my Raspberry doesn’t boot anymore so I would like to copy all the Grafana folders so that I can “restore” them later on a new SD image.
Where are they located? Especially the dashboards.
Thank you, best regards.


Hello @robyg70ita!

I am sorry to hear about your corrupted SD I hope you will be able to find a new better one soon. You should be able to find all the paths to the Grafana folders in the documentation:

Hope you get everything working soon again!

Thanks Marcus but, unfortunately, it didn’t work…but it’s not a problem anyway.
Now I have another problem (Grafana service doesn’t start) but I created another thread for that.
Thanks, regards.