Service fails to start (Raspberry Pi3, Buster)

Hi All,

I had to burn a new SD since the previous got corrupted so I had to re-install Grafana and InfluxDB.
While InfluxDB installation was successful, Grafana installed without errors but when I typed “systemctl status grafana-service” it resulted “Active: fail (Result: exit-code)…” and it doens’t open.
I checked the grafana log at “/var/log/grafana” and I found this line:
msg=“Server shutdown” logger=server reason=“Service init failed: Migration failed err: database disk image is malformed”

Why so?
It’s a Raspberry Pi 3 with Buster.
Thank you, regards.


Did you copy some files from the previous SD card?

I tried but it didn’t work then I (hopefully) cleaned everything by removing grafana folders after an “apt remove” and “apt purge” and then reinstalling Grafana without copying anything from the old SD.
Maybe something is still there from the previous installation (on the new SD)?


Did you remove /var/lib/grafana and /etc/grafana?