CloudWatch Metric Math in Grafana not works

We have DynamoDB tables and we would like to monitor the provisioned and consumed capacity units in Grafana.
We created grafana panels for that purpose.
Query A shows the consumed read capacity units / minute. We would like to see the consumed read capacity units / second so we created query C using CloudWatch Metric Math feature however it does not work for some reason. As per documentation the query looks fine.
Could you check the query and suggest a solution for that problem please?

Query looks OK. Try to disable other queries and use query debugger to debug your problem. IMHO the best option is to develop math queries in AWS console.

BTW: c query calculates correct values only if a query returns data aggregated per minute. This assumption works only for some small subset of timeranges. Better solution is to use CloudWatch RATE function - it works for all timeranges.

Hi! I hit the exact same problem with my DynamoDB. I checked the network tab and the response is empty, so I guess this is a bug in the backend of the cloudwatch source.