Changing the threshold colours from a boolean variable - "Colourblind mode"

Hello everyone. I currently have a dashboard full of green, yellow and red colours. However, since in my team there are 2 persons with Deuteranopia, I wish to create some sort of “toggle” button using a variable (0 - mode off 1 - mode on) to change all greens to blue. However, the greens, yellows and red colours are defined from a threshold colour, therefore, is there a way to set thresholds colours from variables or some dynamic link like this?

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I think it is over engineered requirement. Use different line style for each series (so also line style will be different between series, not jut colours) and don’t visualise thresholds (you can mention them in the panel description for example). Result will usable for any colour vision deficiency, not just for Deuteranopia.

If you really want that original solution, that Config from query results transformation may help you.

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Hello jangaraj, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately this is not possible since visualizing the threshold is really important in this case, also, it’s a status history panel, so there’s no way to “color each series individually” since they are painted only by the thresholds. I’ll study your suggested Config from query results approach, but I believe it may only help with the threshold value, not color. Still waiting for a grafana dev/champ to answer. Thank you, regardless