Change Grafana Explore UI Default Time Range

Upgraded to Grafana 10.2.0 using container, and notice that the default time range in the Explore UI is now 6 hours. Is there a setting available to change this back to 1 hour instead?


My bad… The answer bellow is wrong… Look at my next comment here on this topic.

      • WRONG BELLOW - - -

grafana.ini option:


“As of Grafana v7.3, this also limits the refresh interval options in Explore.” Source: Configure Grafana | Grafana documentation

we need adjust default query time range
not refresh interval
does there have any way ?

Currently there’s no “simple way” since we found out that it’s a hardcoded parameter. Best way to do something about it would be requesting a feature in Issues · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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