Change default auto-refresh intervals


We are using Grafana ver. 4.6.2. From time to time, we get different problems, because of the users who created dashboards (they have rights for this) and set low auto refresh rates (5s or 10s). Of course, the are the way to switch auto refresh rates to bigger numbers (> 1m) manually or with some scripts but it works only on already created dashboards.
So I wonder, if there any way to set different defaults to auto-refresh intervals? I mean after push button “New dashboard” user can use only intervals bigger then 1m

Many thanks for any help

There is nothing built-in for this. We did get a PR but it didn’t get merged (the maintenance burden was too high compared to the value):

If you are prepared to maintain a fork, then it would be easy enough to remove intervals from here:

Here is the feature request for this:

Hi Guys,
My intention it’s disable for each new dashboard auto-refresh option.
Only what I similar found it’s this topic.
I’m doing:

  • editing timepicker.ts (modify refresh_intervals for no values in section refresh_intervals: [],)
  • restarting grafana server
    But on the end during new dashboard creation still I have all auto refresh intervals (5s,10s,30s,1m,5m,15m,30m,1h,2h,1d)

What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for your time and help,

You will have to build the TypeScript to see the changes. See the guide for building from source: