Change default dashboard/folder permission

it is possible to change default permission for dashboard/folder?

At the moment when I create a new dashboard/folder I have two default permissions
Everyone with admin role -> Admin
Everyone with editor role -> Edit

I would like to change this in a differet one in order to give dashboard/folder permissions only to the user who create it.

I know I can change this after the creation but I’D like to have this (or differtent one) permission to be setted like default


It is not possible (at least not without changing stuff in the database - which I wouldn’t recommend).

There is a feature request but it doesn’t seem to be very popular:

Thanks for your answer, I understand but I agree with the user of issue19172.
With the actual permission system is not possible to ensure private access to data.

I hope this feature will be added soon

For most companies, most dashboards should be open to everyone which is what optimize for.

If you really need that level of permissions, then I would look at the multi-tenant solution and use separate orgs. Different orgs cannot see each other dashboards or data.

I don’t know if it is a complicated modification but adding the capabilites to change/modify the default permissions will be ok for old users and new request.

Moving to multi org architecture will be a too complicated solution for me :slight_smile:

Another option if you can afford it - is to have a look at Grafana Enterprise which gives you much more control over permissions.

I had a look at the documentation and this feature seems not to be implemented even in Enterprise version, I will look for it again.