Permissions Never Change

Hi All, quick question

I am trying to add permissions to dashboards. I see Everyone with Viewer Role can View, and Everyone with Editor Role can Edit. If I remove those and only add a specific team or user, then save the dashboard and reload it, I see Everyone with Viewer Role can View and Everyone with Editor Role can Edit. I can’t ever remove Everyone with… permissions.

Am I missing something? Maybe something global?

strange, we have no other similar reports of permissions changes being reverted.

Can you make a video recording what your doing?

Hi torkel, thanks for quick reply, I am to reproduce this now, something to do with the dashboard folders I think

I can reproduce doing this

1 - create folder
2 - create dashboard move to newly created folder
3 - remove Everyone permissions
4 - save
5 - refresh browser
6 - note - Everyone permissions are back
7 - move dashboard to general folder
8 - note - Everyone permissions are gone

If you can’t reproduce doing those steps I’ll create video


I can reproduce this. Seems to be a bug related to inherited default permissions from folder. Issue created.

Thanks for reporting