Editor can't see granted user permissions for dashboard

In a new Grafana 9.0.3 OSS Version I added 2 users

  • one Editor with Editor Role
  • one Viewer with Viewer Role

The Editor adds a dashboard and saves it

  • go to Settings → Permissions
  • delete general Viewer Permission
    • Viewer can’t see the dashboard anymore
  • Add a permission → for User → myUser → View
    • Viewer can see the dashboard

Editor goes to another setting and back to Permissions setting of the dashboard:
He can’t see the granted rights to the Viewer User anymore

The right of the specific User is active but it isn’t shown in the Permission-Settings now or later.

My Expectations:
When a Editor grants rights for a dashboard to user/team/roles it should be visible in the Permission-Settings

Hi @fabr,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

Thanks for opening and providing the steps in detail. One quick question you reproduce this case on Docker or on local installation ?