Provisioning Dashboards - Folder permissions

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to set permissions to a folder that’s created when provisioning a dashboard?

I have multiple provisioning config files that create different folders and place the dashboards in those folders. I was wondering if there’s a way to set/control permissions to these folders instead of manually doing it from the grafana UI.


no that is not possible to do via provisioning yet.

Thanks for the reply. Is this something that would be supported in the future?

not sure, maybe some day :slight_smile:

@torkel any chance this is supported yet? I am using version 5.4.3 but can upgrade if necessary. I think my goal is the same as @stad: after creating a dashboard in a given folder, create a user and let them only see that folder (using config files). Thanks

Hello @torkel. Do you have any planned date for that? Would be very useful for those who need a complex folder permission configuration.

Is there any other way to do it more automatic?

Thank you!

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@stad how did you create folders through provisioning? I have a few provisioned dashboards and I want to automatically put them in different folders, but Im not finding any info about how to do this.

Update: ok, ok, it was easy. There is a ‘folder’ field in the file config file where you write the dashboards path of the provisioned dashboards

Any update on this?