Can't upload a new dashboard

So going back to the list of questions

  1. What is the source (your local grafana you are copying from) grafana infinity plugin version?
  2. What is the destination ( grafana infinity version ?
  3. Same question as above but for the guid of the infinity datasource, local vs destination?

the versions of infinity have to match, and the guid of the data source for infinity obviously have to match. the guid of the datasource on your local grafana might not be the same guid as the online grafana

Hi! The error seems to have gone away after redoing the same chart on the web Grafana and not the one installed with brew that’s hosted on localhost.

So if someone is having similar problems go to your profile on Grafana website and launch Grafana from there and re-do the dashboard and then export from there.

I would not recommend that approach. A best practice approach would be develop locally and then push to cloud version of grafana by making sure both versions are identical versions of grafana.

Use github/gitlab to version your dashboards and deploy from github/gitlab

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