Can't merge rows in the table panel


I’m trying to merge values from multiple queries in a table, but with no success.
I’ve started with two metrics, which are the same in the most of their label

  1. node_filesystem_new_total_bytes{db_instance=“db1”,device="/dev/md0",flags=“rw,noatime,nobarrier,stripe=512,data=ordered”,fstype=“ext4”,job=“db_system”,mountpoint="/mnt/nvme",sysid=“6364961867687332226”}
  2. node_filesystem_new_used_bytes{db_instance=“db1”,device="/dev/md0",flags=“rw,noatime,nobarrier,stripe=512,data=ordered”,fstype=“ext4”,job=“db_system”,mountpoint="/mnt/nvme",sysid=“6364961867687332226”}

so, metric’s results are in the separate rows. take a look at the picture below on Value #A and Value #B

Where do I wrong? and how can I merge this rows in the single one?