Multiple queries below each other in 1 table panel


i’m using multiple queries and a table to visualize.
But yesterday these queries A and B (and C etc…) would automatically be put below eachother, real smooth and handy.
like this:

You can see its every row is a different query.
Today when i tried the same (i had to reset my grafana dashboards)
they dont show up below each other but i get a dropdown button for query A or B and so on like this:

but this is so unhandy and ugly, how can i have the same result as yesterday??

I just want A and B below eachother like the first picture, please help!

I’m guessing that this is a dashboard that you imported?

trying using the merge transformation. It will merge multiple tables like that:


@kiritoirl could you share more details on how you build this visualization? I’d like to do something similar for SNMP data.

Hye… I am also merging multiple queries and want to do a comparison between two column values (A & B) and then color the cell red with value (A) lesser than the other value (B) while the remaining cells in green color… have you done anything like this?