Can show string values on Panels?

Hello, I am testing Grafana with InfluxDB. I am receiving telemetry info and I need to show the BGP state of a bgp neighbor. But it is a “string” value. Is there any panel to show text valus and not numbers? The BGP states can be “Established”, “Active” or “Iddle”. Thanks a lot.

Please use table panel.

Hello Jangaraj,

Thanks for your answer, I tried table panel but I only can view numeric info, I attached the screen capture.

When I change the query for a value like connection-state that isn’t numeric it says no data to show. Maybe I need to change some options?

I suspect that by telling it that you want the mean value of the field it probably takes that as an indication that it is a number. I am not sure what you expect if you ask for the mean value of some text strings that are not numbers.

  • Change FORMAT AS: Time series to FORMAT AS: Table
  • Select all fields/tags field(*) in your query
  • Don’t aggregate (no GROUP BY)

Hello @jangaraj
How we can achive this in elastic search ? to display text in table panel ??
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How I can use table dashborad with database InfluxDB?

How i can get this. I did not have option “Scenario”

Select Unit = String