How to display textfields in table?

Hi, my database (influx) carries several measurements with text information. Such as “emergency”, “normal”, “street”, “city” etc
I’d like to display this values as an information panel, in a table, preferably two columns
I fiddled around for ours with “table” plugin, but no success
as is:

to be
help appreciated
Grafana Version is 7.5.4

Hi @grafahna,

I think it might be cleaner to use the Stat panel to represent individual values, and then group those stat panels on a dashboard.

Hi @mattabrams , txs for picking this up.
I tried Stats panel, but I don’t get the text being displayed. The text is the “value” in my case. All I get is “No Data”.
UPDATE: I made it :grinning:
Thanks again

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