Can I connect to the Grafana frontend via IPv6?

Hi there!
I just installed Grafana on my Raspberry Pi. From my home network I can reach the web frontend just fine:

But the problem is that I can’t reach it from outside my home network via IPv6. All other devices in my network are reachable (e.g. a Synology NAS) like this:

http://[IPv6 address of the device]:port/

Only the Raspberry Pi/Grafana does not work. Does the Grafana web server support IPv6? Do I need to enable that somewhere? Is there any other trick to make it reachable from the outside world?


Can you ping the Raspberry Pi using ipv6 address? In that case I would guess it should work.

There’s no special ipv6 setting in Grafana.

If you’re running Grafana in a docker container you may need to do something special to port map both ipv4 and ipv6.