Can Grafana can be made to operate like an oscilloscope

For example, two or more graphs each with their own scale factors that can be made to overlap each other by adjusting the vertical offset?

I’m trying to see the correlation between two data sets that have values on wildly different scales. For example, one data set varies between 0 and 50 and the other between 0 and 2. I would like to plot both on the same graph and ‘magnify’ the second dataset so the detail can be seen.

I would say that’s over engineered requirement. Make it simple: place first timeseries on left y axe and second timeseries on right y - they will have own scale, so correlation will be more visible.

Or you need fidling with your queries (e. g. multiply second timeseries by 25 or divide first one by 25), so min/max of both timeseries will be the same.

Agree that this should be easy enough to do using two axes:

I had to change to a time series plot to enable the axis placement override. It basically does what I want, although only for two datasets.