Cache query on grafana cloud...valid for when?

Hi I’m using grafana cloud free version for my tests… and I would like to know if there is a trick to get the ending time of a query panel in cache.

For example… I set 1h cache in one panel… I cannot set cache on data source 'cause is a pro features…

I would like to have a label like (data valid 'til hh:mm).

Is there any way to figure out this information?

Thanks AELN

Hi @alencappelletti ! Query caching is a feature exclusive to Pro, however it is only available for some data sources and intended to help reduce backend load for busy dashboards.

The Cache Time feature for the Google Sheets plugin is a different functionality specific to this data source, despite the confusing naming!

According to the docs:

The Google Sheets data source has a caching feature that makes it possible to cache the Spreadsheet API response. The cache key is a combination of spreadsheet ID and range. The default cache time is set to five minutes, but that can be changed by selecting another option from the Cache Time field. By setting cache time to 0s , the cache will be bypassed.

I do not see any panel options that would display the set cache time anywhere on the panel or panel legend. Perhaps setting the dashboard/panel refresh time to the same duration as the cache time could help ensure that the data displayed is as fresh as the last request?

Hi @Melody ! Thanks for your response…
I’ve insert in google sheet a column with timestamp field now().

In this way I always know the age of my data in grafana… cache or not cache.

In my dashboard I have inserted an additional field that shows this value (as a column)… and I’m always sure that isn’t stale.